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12 Month Loans No Credit Check

For a person who is facing financial situation, things can be challenging to deal with. In most cases, people seek monetary help from friends or relatives however that sounds bad if fiscal crisis is recurring.

A large number of people living in United Kingdom belong to working class and it is apparent for them to face problems. However, things are challenging for those who also have bad credit issues. In last few years, the number of people having bad credit history has gone up consequential to salary cut and recession. When such people need additional funds, they find it difficult to acquire it. To make access to funds easy for this segment, we are providing 12 month loans no credit check through our connection with money lenders.

We are E Pound Loans working in close association with money liners in United Kingdom who provide loan to people having bad credit rating. However, saying no credit check is performed might be incorrect as these are direct lender loans and credit check is performed. Approval is given after credit check. This helps lender decide the amount of money that can be approved for the bad credit applicant. Money that you will get an approval depends on several factors however is sufficient for immediate and urgent needs.

Even those who have no guarantor are eligible to apply for loan. It is understandable that many people who live on rent or otherwise also have no guarantor. Obtaining cash help becomes challenging in such a situation. You can now rest your worries apply for loan through us. Lenders associated with us accept loan application even from money seekers who have no guarantor provided they meet the eligibility criteria. Only those fulfill the following are entitled to apply for additional funds through us:

  • An applicant should be an employed UK citizen
  • Must be employed for last six months
  • Must be more than 18 years of age
  • Have a valid bank account

In addition to these, you might be asked other details such as social security number. If you meet these pre-requisite then apply for loan online. There is an easy to fill application form available on our website. You can fill and submit this form with genuine and correct details so that getting approval becomes easy for you. In most cases, there is no need to get involved in any kind of documentation formality. Jus apply online as and when you feel financial blow has hit your life and get timely cash help.